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Music was was a huge part of my pre-economist days. Below is a summary of my music career with links to some songs and videos.

1. Euphony Production

U4NY is a group that revolutionized Korea's R&B / Rap music industry in the late 20th and early 21st century. The R&B/Hiphop quartet began as an underground force in Korea's internet music scene in 1998. After a brief and ill-fated attempt to burst out into Korea's popular music scene in 1999, they decided that the Korean music industry was not ready for the deep and origninal style of U4NY. So it was decided to transform the music industry at its core: to introduce style and quality into Korea's popular music scene. The members of Euphony Production (main members are Jungyu Lee, Jungmin Lee, Sewon Hur, Wonbong Jang, but also at some point included guests Miyoung Jung, Juhyun Lee, and actor Jaehwang Lee) began to consult record producers, wrote and edited songs for popular singers, directed and performed chorus and vocals, and directed and performed rap in featuring appearances on various popular records. These activities have contributed to the revolution in style and quality of Korean music over the last decade.

Some songs:

  • U4NY / Last (featuring Miyoung) / 1999: written by Jungyu, vocals by Jungmin and Wonbong, rap by Sewon
  • U4NY / 영원 / 1999: written by Jungyu, vocals by Jungmin, Sewon, and Wonbong, rap by Sewon
  • U4NY / November Love / 1999: written by Jungyu, vocals by Jungmin, Juhyun, Sewon, and Wonbong, rap by Sewon
  • U4NY / 오늘밤 / 1999 (Special Award at MBC music festival): written by Jungyu, vocals by Jungmin, Juhyun, Sewon, and Wonbong (play song)
  • Cleo / Always in My Heart / 2000 (featuring Euphony Production): written by Jungyu, chorus by Jungmin, lyrics by Wonbong, rap by Sewon (music video)
  • THE S#ARP / Liar / 2000 (featuring Euphony Production): written by Jungyu, chorus by Jungmin
  • DANA / Diamond / 2001 (featuring Euphony Production): written by Jungyu, chorus by Jungmin, lyrics by Wonbong, rap by Sewon (music video, lip-syncing dancer alert)

2. Solo Record

With a successful transformation of Korea's music scene under way, the members of Euphony Production decided to focus on their respective fields and transformed the group into a strategic partnership. After rejecting numerous offers from critically accliamed groups such as "UPTOWN" and "SOLID" (two co-revolutionaries in Hiphop and R&B respectively) to join, Sewon Hur finally agreed to produce a solo record which was released in 2001. During the production process, due to disagreements on the musical style and theme of the record in which the record company wanted a more popular style and Sewon wanted a more original and deep music style, production was nearly halted several times but the two sides reached a compromise whereby the first album would lean toward a popular style and the second would be at the absolute discretion of Sewon. After the release in March 2001 and a moderately successful tour campaign, Sewon was summoned for military service leading to the eventual end of his promising music career.

"...this young rapper carries force, a hip hopper who is already a sensation in his own country. The emphasis is not the song but the overall contest in speed; his English rap is reminiscent of Ray Jay, but the artist brings his own originality and heralds in a new genre of R&B = Hiphop..." -

Some songs:

  • Shoutouts to my Homiez (featuring Miyoung) / 2001: written by Sewon
  • Only Love / 2001: rap lyrics by Sewon
  • 영원한너 /2001: rap lyrics by Sewon (watch music videoperformance on TV and another one)
  • On Air / 2001: lyrics by Wonbong, chorus by Jungmin

3. Digital Single

After his decision to begin another journey towards an academic career in economics, Sewon released a digital single in 2007 dedicated to his fans, friends, and family.

헤세원 Sewon Hur / Good Love / 2007: written, vocals, and rap by Sewon